About Us

All Hands – The beginning of the new normal

All Hands B.V. was born from an idea over a decade ago.

Now that idea has embraced the reality to start the new normal.
We guarantee the right specialist on the right place. That guarantee emphasizes our promise to you.
All Hands B.V. secures this by thoroughly evaluating the request, thorough understanding and respectful communication.
With this understanding, it is up to All Hands B.V. to answer your request with the best possible specialist.

All Hands B.V.

How does All Hands B.V. realize this?

All Hands B.V. does this by linking years of experience to your specific question.
Because of this experience, it is possible to understand very quickly what you are looking for and to find the right specialist for your assignment.

At All Hands B.V. the specialists get a respectful open communication and they too are thoroughly understood by thoroughly discussing what the wishes are. Because, in all honesty, finding the right specialist is only possible by respecting both parties in their wishes.

And respect is the absolute basis for the creation of All Hands B.V.

Team All Hands
All Hands B.V.