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All Hands B.V.

Marvin Roest

Marvin has been working as an HSE officer since September 2010.
Before that he worked in various sectors as a steel constructor.
He has also gained experience as a Scaffolder (Site Supervisor) in his career. Marvin has always known that he could help his circle of acquaintances, friends and colleagues.

This is where the foundation for All Hands B.V. was created.
The real power lies in sharing knowledge. So Marvin came up with the following: “Knowledge is great, sharing knowledge is true power”.
Why? Many hands make light work. Ergo, working together is the key to success.

This applies to all disciplines in any industry. Where Marvin has formed his own, clear, strict but fair opinion over the past 12 years as an HSE Consultant, he believes it is time to put ideas to work.

“If you think it can be done better, start with yourself. With this we will create a new normal with All Hands B.V.
This could make the difference for me, ergo, All Hands B.V. is proud to make this difference for all professionals in all disciplines in any industry.”

Bruce Roest

Bruce has been working as a project HSE Consultant since 2010.
Prior to that, he worked in various sectors of construction as a steel fabricator and flange fitter.
Also, a strong experience as foreman Piping belongs to the basis of his knowledge.

From the moment Bruce started as an HSE Consultant, he knew he would do things “differently”. After all, safety is something that needs to be understood.
But how can you understand something if the explanation does not show sufficient respect for the practice?
Is it possible to merge theory and practice? Bruce knows that this is absolutely possible. “I know that practical knowledge stands as the basis for building a project.
However, this is inseparably linked to Safety.

Working safely is the only way to success.
Theory as a foundation mixed with practical experience. An absolutely perfect combo for solving your question.

All Hands B.V.